Tonktastic NEWS xD

Teaser xDD

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New Base xD

so misses crazy cute Isiss Bade From NV  was so cute and nice to Build for me and my friends a new place to  hang out   its all based in a Vikings theme and  the other cute girl kendra Zaurak Fanatik Owner buildet this amazing buildings which are complettly mesh  and if you let 2 amazing ppl like isiss and kendra do something well then u have the most amazing and adorable place on sl to hang out xD

sooo if u need a new place new sim newwwwwwww home call  Isiss and for the best houses and buildings  u go and buy them at Fanatik or Centipede where this  amazing  Medival builds are from   thanks to both of you girls    <33 kisses  Jade

LM for NV , Fanatik CENTIPEDE, and my new Home xD

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I need you help Guys xD

so my babbie is the most amazing awesome guy on earth 🙂 and he raps with his cute voice too and i wanted to ask u guys for a personal favor 🙂

 can u pls Hit the link  belove and vote for him it would take you  not longer then a minute and it would mean the world to me  Thank you  ❤ Jaden

here ❤