I need you help Guys xD

so my babbie is the most amazing awesome guy on earth 🙂 and he raps with his cute voice too and i wanted to ask u guys for a personal favor 🙂

 can u pls Hit the link  belove and vote for him it would take you  not longer then a minute and it would mean the world to me  Thank you  ❤ Jaden

here ❤

UGH… pleas read..

ok i did not thought i need to do this but after i got another log i clearly need to , since u can change your Display name we all love playing around with it putting all cute names   renaming to our BF’s last name and stuff but this is something i will never understand and it upsets me   extreeeeeeem, so there is a girl around   renamed herself  to TAMI FEGTE and she is I.Ming  creators and shop owners even some of our sponsors and askin for free stuff … to make it Clear  for everyone  it is not Tami fegte which blogs here she dont even have a display name and We NOONE of us Blog for free stuff we do it cause we love to blog anyway i am sorry that i bothered u guys with this but i really needed to say soemthing about since i get daily another log with this crap

 ❤ Jaden